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We value our motivated and inspired family. We develop and use the best tools based on proven, cutting-edge techniques. We provide solutions for the coastal environment that satisfy the needs of different interests and build resilience. Through care and commitment, we foster community and attract clients and partners who share our vision. We care because the caribbean is our home.



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When the coastline is the question, we are the answer.

Dr. David A.Y Smith

Dr. David A.Y. Smith

Dr Smith holds a Doctoral degree in Coastal Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering Hydraulics from the University of London, UK, and a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies. Since 1995, Dr Smith has been the Managing Director of SWI in Kingston, Jamaica.

With Caribbean communities and ecosystems coming under increasing pressure as a result of natural hazards and climate change, Dr Smith’s focus has shifted somewhat to include more projects related to climate change adaptation, community vulnerability, hazard assessment and disaster management.

He has managed many multi-disciplinary projects throughout the region, including the IDB-funded Studies for the Preparation of the Barbados Coastal Risk Assessment and Management Program.

Philip Warner

Philip Warner has a Master’s degree in Coastal Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada and over 25 years of professional experience in consulting throughout the Caribbean and North America.  He has design, inspection, and appraisal experience for coastal protection, marine structures and oceanographic studies, in addition to the development and operation of numerous civil, structural, coastal and hydraulic engineering computer programs and numerical models. He also has field experience in marine structures construction supervision and inspection, hydrographic surveys and the deployment of oceanographic field equipment. His experience includes work done throughout the Caribbean region and internationally.


Jamel Banton

Jamel D. Banton, is a Coastal/Civil Engineer and Project Manager with more than 18 years of experience in coastal and marine engineering. This experience covers a wide spectrum including data collection, numerical modelling, beach design, shoreline protection, hurricane analysis, coastal zone management, storm surge mapping, storm water management and environmental impact assessments. He has worked from concept stage to construction for a range of Waterfront and Infrastructure development projects (resorts, roadways, beach creation, shoreline protection, marinas, ports, etc). He has also garnered experience in coastal hazard mitigation for climate change adaptation, and has done post hurricane disaster assessments for major hurricanes.

He has worked on projects on 30 Caribbean Islands and has also worked in Central America.

As part of his M.Sc. thesis in the Netherlands (1999-2001), he developed a hurricane wave hind-casting software, HURWave. This has been used in scores of projects across the region in storm surge mapping and coastal structure design. His publication in the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers, USA) Journal in 2013 presented the methods applied in this software for hurricane analysis. The paper was recognized by the ICE as a “Best of Research and Practice” for that quarter.

He has designed and supervised several physical model studies in Canada (NRC) and the UK (HR Wallingford) for structure stability and shoreline morphology.

He has designed breakwaters, groynes, access channels and revetments. He matches technical knowledge with practical experience in construction administration and on-site construction management. As a project manager, he has managed multi-disciplinary project teams of structural engineers, environmentalists, sociologists, surveyors, geotechnical engineers and mechanical engineers.

Chris Hylton

Christopher Hylton specializes in Coastal Engineering and he has acquired a sound knowledge of coastal processes and coastal design solutions over 16 years in the practice. His experience has enveloped structural designs, construction management (in the capacity of Contractor) and construction supervision (in the capacity of Consultant), hydrodynamic modeling of coastal regions and marinas, oceanographic data gathering and environmental engineering applications throughout the Caribbean

Raul Fernandez

Raul Fernandez

Raul has over 30 years of professional engineering and consulting experience in design and construction projects with a passion for developing businesses. Since 1993 involved in the Marketing, Sales, and Business Development in Latin America for International Engineering Companies. He also has experience on Alternative Delivery projects including P3 providing advisory services in structuring P3 agreements in Transportation, Urban Development and Multipurpose projects. Also, experience in Hotels and Resorts projects in the Caribbean and the structuring of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV).  He has worked as a project manager, construction manager and contract administrator, risk manager, and owner’s agent providing QA/QC for major infrastructure projects. Proficient in developing strategic business plans, financing agreements, marketing plans, proposals for international and local agencies.

Edward Albada

Edward Albada has nearly 20 years of experience in a wide-range of coastal engineering and project management roles in coastal and maritime projects. A professional civil engineer in both USA and Trinidad & Tobago, Edward specializes in coastal modelling (including wave and current forcing simulations, storm surge simulations, port/marina design and flushing analysis) and coastal design and construction-related experience in numerous shoreline stabilization schemes.

Graham Jervis

Graham Jervis is a Hydroinformatics Engineer with experience in numerical wave modelling, hydrodynamic modelling and water quality modelling. Graham also has experience in nearshore coastal processes including sediment transport modelling, storm surge modelling and the design of coastal structures for sea defence and beach enhancement. Graham has carried out a number of  hydrodynamic and water quality investigations for various coastal projects in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. He is a certified PADI advanced open water scuba diver with experience in gathering oceanographic data, deploying and retrieving wave recorders, current meters, and tide gauges. He also carries out bathymetric and drogue surveys.


Elisabeth Mondon

Elisabeth Mondon holds a Master’s Degree in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management from the Superior Institute of Engineer Toulon & Var, France. She is a Senior Coastal Engineer with Smith Warner International. She has over 10 years of experience in multi-disciplinary projects related to coastal zone management including coastal impact assessment and shore stabilization studies. She has experience with both numerical and physical modeling of coastal processes. She is involved in various types of coastal and marine engineering projects for sea defense and beach enhancement. Many of her recent projects have been focused on the design of coastal protection and marine structures in addition to the assessment of coastal processes and numerical modelling of waves, hydrodynamics, storm surge, sediment transport, water quality, using numerous coastal computer programs. She has been extensively involved in three Dimensional Physical Modeling study in laboratory. She also has experience in oceanographic studies and deployment of field equipment for field data collection analysis and interpretation.

Elisabeth has also worked as a hydrology and hydraulic engineer and was involved in the design of hydraulic structures, stormwater drainage, water quality and flood impact assessment, as well as floodplain modelling, hazard mapping and management plans in estuaries and urban areas. Her experience includes work done throughout the Caribbean region, Australia, Africa, France and French Polynesia.


Danielle Dowding- Gooden

Danielle Dowding-Gooden holds a Master’s Degree in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management from TU Delft in Holland. Within this degree, there was a great emphasis placed on Coastal Zone Management, particularly the special vulnerability of the coastal zone to disasters and natural hazards and how best to manage this vulnerability. In addition to her specialized training, she has nine years of design experience in various types of coastal and environmental engineering projects. These projects range from the design of coastal defence systems and disaster hazard mapping, to flood plain analysis and drainage design. Danielle has a strong understanding of the scientific background and physical processes of coastal hazards as well as watershed analysis and stormwater runoff hazards. She has valuable experience and training in the analysis of coastal zone systems and hydrodynamic processes, the numerical modelling of nearshore wave transformation, storm surge analysis, the design of coastal defence and beach enhancement structures and the design and management of stormwater runoff systems.

Miles Harris

Miles Harris

Miles Harris is a Coastal Engineer able to execute the complete coastal engineering process from site visit, to modeling, to design, to construction. Miles has a specialty in prediction and analysis of winter storm waves that affect the Caribbean. He is well rounded, accurate and efficient with numerical modeling and has experience with the design of marine and coastal structures. His qualifications include: BSc Civil Engineering (Hons); MSc in Coastal Engineering and Port Development; Certificate in Dredging Technology

Renée McDonald-Lyn Shue

Renee McDonald  completed her MSc in Marine Environment and Resources at the University of Southampton, The University of Bordeaux 1, the University of the Basque Country in 2013. Renee is a geologist and marine environmentalist able to perform environmental assessments of natural and man-made marine resources. She also conducts geophysical surveys to map subsurface resources and conditions.

Along with her role as marine environment specialist at SWI, she recently organized and chaired the first ever Caribbean Coastal Conference, sponsored and hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank in Barbados. She is an extremely versatile and well-organized professional

Her qualifications include: BSc Geology (Hons); MSc Marine Environment and Resources; Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Managment; Certificate Principle of Project Management; PADI SCUBA certification.


Cabral Barriteau- Foster

Cabral Barriteau-Foster, a qualified PADI open water diver, holds an MSc in Coastal Engineering from the University of Plymouth in the U.K. His expertise primarily in the construction and administration of Coastal Infrastructure projects and as such he is experienced in construction supervision and quality control.

Cabral also has experience in contract administration and procurement for large scale design and research projects including coordination with government agencies and development banks.

Ashley- Jade Grennell

Ashley-Jade Grennell is a recent graduate of the UWI with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. She has experience in quality control in road works through her time at the National Road Operating and Construction Company prior to joining SWI. Since joining our team, she has been assisting in the design of coastal structures, computer modeling of coastal processes, field data collection, preparing design specifications and bills of quantities, construction inspection and supervision.

Clenmar Rowe

Clenmar Rowe

Clenmar is  a junior Coastal Engineer withexperience in all aspects of coastal and marine design including design processes, numerical modeling, draughting, quantities estimation and construction supervision. Clenmar also creates 3D rendered models  of designs so that clients have a better understanding of the aesthetic impact of the proposed structures and the basis for their design. His qualifications include a BEng Coastal, Harbour and Channel Engineering (Hons)

Condrae Rainer

Condrae Rainer

Condrae Rainer is a Draftsperson and Quantity Estimator working on CAD and Civil 3D platforms able to represent graphically marine and coastal project elements so that clients can visually see proposed designs.  Such detailed drawings help governments evaluate regulatory impact of the project and allow contractors to build the project. He has proven himself to be a hardworking and proficient member of the team with the ability to manage projects. His duties include preparing engineering drawings (2D and 3D), miscellaneous GIS data manipulation and representation, estimating quantities for bills of quantities, site visits and supervision of workmen, if required for construction projects, and assisting with miscellaneous field work for data collection. His qualifications include: Diploma in Drafting and Building Technology; Diploma in Steel Fixing; Certification in RIVET Architecture software; SCRUM Master Certified (Agile Project Management).

Roberto Lyn

Roberto Lyn has worked with SWI for 17 years. He has an Autodesk Software Training Certificate from Novgar Services Limited, Jamaica and an ArcGIS Software, ArcMap Training Certificate from Mona Geo-informatics. He uses appropriate computational methods, existing source
documentation, ESRI and/or Autodesk software tools to develop, populate and manage GIS and/or CAD data for use in the design process; produce high-quality maps and drawings from GIS, CAD, and other related data; display and produce hardcopy and softcopy output from GIS and/or CAD.

Stefan Ramdeen

Stefan Ramdeen

Stefan joins our team as our in-house Land Surveyor, Construction Supervisor and Assistant Project Manager. Since earning his BSc (Hons) in Surveying and GIS from UTECH (2010) he has garnered invaluable experience working on major government and private-sector construction projects across Jamaica. He pursued further studies in 2018 and holds a Certificate in Principles and Practices of Project Management (UWI).

At Smith Warner, Stefan will play a decisive role in field data collection, estimating bills of quantities, construction inspection and supervision, site visits and supervision of construction workers.
Fabian Jones

Fabian Jones

Fabian is a Junior Draftsperson working on CAD, 3D rendering, QGIS and Civil 3D platforms. He   graphically represents marine and coastal project elements so that clients can visually see proposed design. Such detailed drawings help governments evaluate regulatory impact of the project and allow contractors to build the project. Fabian holds a Diploma in Drafting and Building Technology along with Civil 3D certification.

Shauna- Marie Gray

Shauna-Marie Gray

In her role as GIS Technician, Shauna-Marie  performs shoreline analysis and georeferencing of images, as well as analysis of seabed bathymetry, to understand the geographic attributes of a project area. She is proficient in QGIS and ArcMap and SQL programming. She also creates vulnerability maps to assist in national and regional planning so governments are aware of potential risks from natural disasters that poplulations may be exposed to. Her qualifications include: BSc (Hons) Land Surveying and GIS (double major); Certification in SQL.

Yvette Archibald

Yvette Archibald

Yvette is our financial accountant able to set up and manage all activities in the accounting department from payables to invoicing to collections to reconciliation to audit and financial manageent strategy. Her qualifications include: BSc in Management Studies , Accounting; MSc in Accounting.

Corinne Smith

Corinne Smith is a meticulous, accomplished editor with 20 years of experience in editing and proofreading reports for projects focused on disaster risk management, development, and coastal and environmental engineering. In additional to ensuring that all project documents are properly edited and formatted.


Dyonne Harper

Dyonne Harper is the important first point of contact for visitors or callers to our Kingston office. She has been part of our team since 2005 and has kept our team and office organised, managed all travel arrangements, and been the glue that keeps it all together.

Our Associates

Timothy Thwaites

Mr. Thwaites is a Surveyor with extensive experience in terrestrial, hydrographic and aerial data collection and processing. Timothy mobilizes optical, satellite, sonar, and drone/UAS instrumentation to capture measurements to facilitate numerical modelling, design and construction exercises in the coastal and nearshore environments; he also collates and merges disparate datasets, including coordinate system transformations, reprojections and format conversions. He has collected data across Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, merging a strong theoretical grasp of data collection techniques and the practical skills to mobilize resources and execute field exercises wherever tasks are located. Timothy holds a Master of Science degree in Surveying from the University College London (UCL), and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography & Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) from the University of Toronto.

Vishnawath Maraj

Vishwanath Maraj

Vish is a civil/infrastructural engineer well-versed in urban drainage designs and floodplain management, as well as general civil infrastructure designs. He is able to lead multi-disciplinary teams in various projects to meet Client’s needs. Vish has developed structural, hydrological and hydraulic computer models using the latest engineering design software to identify problems, propose solutions and optimize designs for several projects over the last decade. His registrations and qualifications include: Registered Engineer in Trinidad and Tobago; Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng) with The Engineerin Council in the UK, Chartered member (MICE) of the Institite of Civil Engineers, an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) accredited by the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure, BSc (Honours) Civil Engineering; MSc Civil Engineering.