IDB Coastal Risk Assessment & Management Programme, Barbados

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The programme was aimed at building resilience to coastal hazards (including those associated with climate change) through enhanced conservation and management of the coastal zone. The programme’s overall objective was to build capacity in integrated coastal risk management in Barbados: incorporating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in development planning control and monitoring of the coastal zone. The programme encompassed the following three components:

  1. Coastal Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Management
  2. The provision of Coastal Infrastructure
  3. Institutional Sustainability for Coastal Risk Management

SWIL was engaged to Prepare:

  • A Strategic Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation in the coastal zone
  • A Strategic Action Plan for Disaster Risk Management in the coastal zone
  • Policy for Information Sharing, a Public Education Strategy
  • A Training Programme to develop the human resource capacity of the CZMU



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