Koi Resort Drainage & Shoreline Development, St. Kitts

Koi Resort Drainage & Shoreline Development, St. Kitts

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Development plans for the site included the construction of 130 resort suites, beach villas, swimming pools, meeting rooms, retail stores, restaurants, bars, a gym, a spa,beach clubs and a tennis court. A unique feature of the concept layout was  a large lagoon in the centre
of the property.

To create an enjoyable and sheltered project site, the goals were to develop: (i) suitable drainage that will manage stormwater runoff and (ii) properly designed sea defence mechanisms to protect against storm surge inundation. The impact of the project on the capacity and functioning of the entire pond must also had to be considered .

The scope of works agreed to between KRL Hospitality Inc. and Smith Warner International Ltd. (SWIL) to achieve the design objectives included:

  •  Field Data Collection and Literature Review
    • Desktop research / literature review of study area (including rainfall history, soil type,
    land use, etc.);
    • Site visit and meeting with the project team;
    • Sediment analysis within the study area;
    • Bathymetry of study area; and
    • Merging of topography with shoreline survey and bathymetry.
  •  Preliminary Engineering (Drainage and Shoreline Development)
    • Definition of the hydrologic characteristics of the site and the surroundings;
    • Preliminary analysis of storm water flows;
    • Preliminary flood hazard mapping (evaluating existing and proposed pond flooding
    • Desktop review of wave patterns;
    • Preliminary storm surge and erosion risk assessment based on previous work;
    • Development of storm surge and erosion protection measures based on available storm
    surge data;
    • Identification of drainage impacts and development of mitigation strategies for flooding;
    • Preliminary drainage design (sizing, layout and storm water discharge points);
    • Preliminary costing of beach and drainage components; and
    • Preliminary engineering report and preliminary drawings.

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