Natural Hazard Management in Urban Coastal Areas, Jamaica

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Risk Assessments & Development of Risk Management Plans for threeMajor Coastal Towns/Cities

Jamaica is susceptible to a wide range of natural hazards. These include tropical storms and hurricanes, riverine flooding, landslides, seismic events, and wind. The Government of Jamaica had recognized the need to be better able to manage and reduce the impacts of coastal-related hazards.
To this end, a Natural Hazard Management project, funded by the Inter- American Development Bank, and administered by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) was initiated to:
(1) complete Multi-Hazard Assessments and develop Multi-Hazard Maps,
(2) carry out Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, and
(3) produce Disaster Risk Management Plans
for three communities in Jamaica . Savanna la Mar, Black River and Ocho Rios have historically all experienced infrastructural and other damages from various disasters and have become areas of concern for ODPEM. The project aims to help the three communities develop and prepare adaptation strategies, and to improve the capacity to manage the impacts of severe weather events often associated with long-term cyclical phenomena and/or climate change.



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