Palmyra Resort Shoreline Enhancement, Jamaica

The waterfront at this luxury condo development was once a rough and rocky shoreline. Our work involved a range of activities, from relocating live corals and sea grass to designing/building breakwaters and gazebos. More than 13,000m3 of large boulders were used in the offshore submerged and emergent breakwaters and groynes. The nearshore area was dredged to create a swimming area and 12,000 tons of sand was imported from the Bahamas to create a soft, white sand beach. The project also included the construction of a jetty, river-stone finished walkways and a hardwood gazebo.

Detailed bathymetric surveys of sites; environmental impact assessment; analysis of hurricane wave conditions and storm surge; detailed computer modeling of wave transformations over reef; sediment transport modeling; definition of design wave conditions and water levels at site; preliminary engineering of alternatives (including cost estimates); , final engineering designs and drawings; technical specification; mitigation strategies for implementation during and following construction including use of turbidity barriers and monitoring requirements; our sister company, Coastal and Marina Development Ltd did the construction and seagrass transplanting.


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