Study & Design of Coastal Protection for Dennery Village, St. Lucia

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The village of Dennery is characterized by low-lying ground on the East Coast of Saint Lucia. Over the years, the village has been prone to flooding, storm surge and damage by wave action and high seas. This was evidenced in the past by Hurricane Allen in 1980, and more
recently during the passage of such storms as Tropical Storm Debbie (TS Debbie) in 1994
and Hurricane Lenny (HL) in 1999. More recently, Tropical Storm Lily (September 2002) resulted in significant beach erosion and flooding. All of these storms have threatened life and property.

In providing coastal protection to the village of Dennery, the Government of St. Lucia retained the services of Smith Warner International teamed with Stantec Consulting Caribbean Limited to assess shoreline protection options and to develop appropriate recommendations
and designs.

The primary objective of this work was  to ensure the protection of the village infrastructure, adjacent to the shoreline, from damage or erosion as a result of sea action, and to ensure the usability of the main road during or after a storm event.

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