What We Do

Beaches and Shoreline Protection

In coastal engineering design, function and the environmental paradigm are two key considerations.  Once these are well understood, engineering expertise and innovation are then used to optimize and reduce costs.

Climate Resilience & Hazard Mitigation

As Small Island Developing States (SIDS), we are susceptible to the challenges presented by climate change, and the issue of sustainable environmental management practices has become an increasingly important one.

We provide technical services to public and private clients to realize adaptation plans and strategies. Our coastal climate services identify the most appropriate adaptation options, design least-cost interventions, and implement solutions that mitigate risk and losses from climate change.

SWI is a member of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

Data Collection & Monitoring

Proper data collection is essential to understanding environmental conditions and to validate our processes during further analysis.  These data may include :

  • Bathymetry,
  • Tidal , Oceanic Currents and Wave data
  • Water Quality,
  • Sediment Composition
  • Terrestrial and marine benthic surveys
  • Geophysical surveys

We have a range of survey and oceanographic equipment and years of field experience that allow us to collect the necessary data in the most cost-effective manner.

Coastal Zone Management & EIA

Identifying and quantifying environmental impacts are an important part of every project.  Developing and adopting strategies that avoid, minimize, or mitgate those impacts is good for the environment and just as good for business. Regulations vary throughout the Caribbean, and our regional experience means that we understand the process in many jurisdictions.

Where environmental impact cannot be avoided, we have performed successful coral and seagrass transplantation projects, and tracked those with regular monitoring programmes.


After many years of construction site supervision and tender evaluation, it was clear that many contractors in the region lacked the expertise to construct our designs the way we needed them to be built –aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. We took this as our cue and formed a subsidiary companies, COMAR-Coastal and Marina Development Ltd (Jamaica), CMDB- Coastal Marina Design Build(St. Lucia). Our companies construct our coastal designs the way we as engineers mean for them to be built.

Coastal Process Investigation

Understanding natural coastal phenomena and investigating the interactions between nature and development are crucial steps to designing in a sustainable way.

Marinas & Ports

These coastal infrastructure are vital to economic development across the region. We contribute to this economic growth by supporting the new projects and expansions to existing facilities.

Flooding & Storm Water Management

In the Caribbean, understanding hurricane risk is vital.  Developing and using the best available methods and technology to quantify that risk has always been a core competence of Smith Warner International.  Our parametric model HURWave allows us to quickly evaluate and confidently quantify the risk of hurricanes anywhere in the Caribbean.