Comprehensive Shoreline Protection, Drainage, and Recreational Facilities for the City of Kingston

As part of the revitalisation of downtown Kingston, we worked as the contractor building a one kilometer elevated coastal roadway with a protective revetment and seawall. The project was funded by the Government of Jamaica with financing from the World Bank. Our work also included building a four-meter wide boardwalk running the full length of the roadway, an 80-meter fisherman’s beach, upgraded stormwater drainage, a pedestrian bridge, a parking lot, and public bathroom facilities. The project improves Kingston’s recreational and socio-economic resilience and is part of Jamaica’s Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Program for Climate Change. Scheduled for completion in October 2021.

  • Stormwater drainage improvement

  • Coastal road rehabilitation and elevation

  • Seawall, revetment, and boardwalk construction

  • Creation of new beach for fisherfolk