Design and Creation of Resort-grade Beaches, Shoreline Protection Measures, Extensive Wetlands System, and Mangrove Forest

Smith Warner has been involved since the earliest stage of planning for this new 2,000-room resort. We guided the project through an extensive environmental permitting process and developed measures that restore mangrove forests, turning them into an integral part of the property’s stormwater management and drainage system. We also designed a series of beaches, enhancing existing sandy shores as well as creating new swimmable beach coves along rocky parts of the shoreline. We planned and designed shoreline protection which, along with the beaches, will be developed in phases during this multi-year project. For recreation, we added jetties from which to launch water sports. The resort developers also asked us to determine the location of and to design the structural support for over-water suites, should they become part of the eventual resort offerings.

Our use of the mangrove forest as a nature-based stormwater and drainage solution has additional benefits. The mangroves provide a buffer against storm surge and wave impact while addressing important ecological issues including water retention, nutrient filtration, and a habitat for the many native species, including the Lesser Antillean frog. We transplanted bromeliads prior to the site development and will monitor the rehabilitated areas for at least five years.

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Beach and shoreline protection design

  • Corals and vegetation transplantation and long-term monitoring

  • Site-wide drainage system design

  • Wetlands rehabilitation and stabilization