Beach Enhancement and Shoreline Protection

When Royalton Resorts began planning the construction of the 450-room resort at Smuggler’s Bay which opened in 2017, the developers realized the existing beach was too narrow and eroded to accommodate the number of guests expected. Royalton hired Smith Warner to study the currents, direction of sediment flow, and wave action and to design and build a wider, sandy beach and the structures that would maintain it and keep swimmers safe. The eventual construction included a submerged breakwater, two groynes, and the beach enhancement. Smith Warner coordinated the beach development design to work in conjunction with the resort’s stormwater management system.

  • Seafloor (bathymetric) surveying using sonar and nautical charts

  • Shoreline mapping

  • Simulation and numerical modelling of coastal processes

  • Design and construction of partially submerged breakwater and groynes

  • Beach nourishment