Construction Management

Our own experience as contractors gives us invaluable first-hand insight into the construction process. Whether we design and build your project from the start or whether you, as a client or contractor, hire us to manage the construction process, our skilled professionals facilitate excellent outcomes. We anticipate the challenges of supply chain logistics and other risks, thereby preventing delays, cost overruns, and contractual disputes. We are contractors building for contractors. Years of construction experience in the Caribbean have taught us well.

Construction Supervision

Smith Warner works on every phase of the development process, and as Engineers we understand the traditional relationships between the Client, Engineer and Contractor. Our work supervising the enhancement of Fisherman’s Beach in Ocho Rios. is an example of how we make certain the finished product is successful, on time, and on budget. Given our extensive design and construction experience, we appreciate the different layers of the industry and the needs of each party. We are always ready to represent the Client as the Supervising Engineer, when the design/build model is not appropriate.

Ecosystem Rehabilitation

We approach every project attuned to achieving the client’s vision while balancing the need to protect our environment. We have successfully relocated thousands of sensitive corals from areas to be developed and have monitored their progress regularly, according to strict regulations. We have started nurseries to propagate new corals and built electrified artificial reefs.

Through decades of work on Caribbean shores, we have developed methods that greatly reduce the impact of development on the terrestrial environment while bolstering its resilience to storms. We have reforested mangroves, which are a buffer to wave action and flooding, and designed drainage systems within the mangrove forests that function even as sea levels rise. Our ecologists have relocated bromeliads and seagrasses threatened by development and monitored their transition according to regulation. We can help landowners not only rehabilitate and restore crucial wetlands, but turn them into interesting destinations by the water’s edge.