Putting Plans into Action

Our coasts face powerful waves from hurricanes, storm surge, and wind action, all of which contribute to coastal erosion. We have the engineering expertise, machinery and skilled workers to enhance or protect your coast anywhere in the Caribbean. We specialise in coastal construction and have the capacity to tackle any shoreline issue with creative solutions. If your goal is to prevent further erosion or “hold the line” with hard structures such as revetments, seawalls, and breakwaters take a look at our work on the Port Royal Street waterfront for the City of Kingston. If you want to advance the shoreline by widening the beach with soft engineering measures such as beach nourishment, dune restoration, and man-made reef structures, we can do that too. Well-designed coastal protection connects people with the environment, so we also build the supporting infrastructure – the recreational spaces such as boardwalks, roadways and drainage. We are engineers who build to develop our coastline and what matters most around it.

Building Resilience into Every Project

In the coastal environment everything must be resilient. We have been building revetments, breakwaters, groynes, jetties, and seawalls since 2004. We build to protect people, businesses, and critical infrastructure such as power plants and major roadways. Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint-venture partnerships, we have a broad array of heavy equipment and specialized tools to execute even the most complicated projects. We can build structures we have designed or we can execute someone else’s design. Because we fully understand the design process and Caribbean coasts we can finetune, if needed, even during construction.

We have home bases in Jamaica, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and St. Lucia and can mobilise our professionals and machinery efficiently throughout the Caribbean. When we design a project from the very beginning, we can anticipate, plan for, and manage the construction needs that follow. This results in a lower-cost, highly efficient process.