Building a Stable Beach

Building a beach requires special coastal engineering expertise that takes years of design work and onsite experience to develop. Beach construction has been a cornerstone of our work at Smith Warner since the very beginning and remains one of our specialties. Unlike general contractors who work on mainstream projects, we are coastal engineers and contractors who understand and appreciate the sensitive and complex nature of the marine environment, especially in this era of climate change.

We have built dozens of beaches across the Caribbean, excavating beach coves from rocky shorelines and dredging, nourishing, and widening existing sandy shores with specially-matched sand. While most of these beaches were our designs, through our design-build contracts, we also have built beaches designed by others.


We have the heavy equipment, coastal engineers, and project management systems to build the structures, including breakwaters, groynes, and revetements, which ensure the longevity of the beach. We have developed relationships and built the supply chain for cost-efficient delivery of materials that meet the stringent specifications for the marine environment. We appreciate that beaches must fit within the Caribbean landscape of natural blues and sandy shores and so build with aesthetics at the forefront of our minds. For information on how to add value to your waterfront property with a beach download our PDF below.

No one has created and enhanced more beaches in the Caribbean than Smith Warner. We have transformed rocky shores into sandy beaches, created safe new swimming coves from otherwise inaccessible areas, and reclaimed land from the sea by widening narrow beaches to accommodate the needs of local residents and tourists alike. We bring our decades of coastal construction expertise to each and every project with management systems that are targeted, efficient, and cost-effective. Resort and waterfront developers engage our services from the concept stage because we can give early, reliable cost estimates for construction. Then, when it comes time to build, they trust us to deliver because we understand their vision and appreciate the constraints of the budget. Importantly, having taken so many projects through the environmental permitting process, we work with determination to protect the environment during construction and thereafter.