Sediments are constantly moving with the water and accumulating even in the deepest channels. We approach dredging with respect for the seafloor, shoreline, and marine life. Our dredging experts work to maintain clear passages for ports, marinas, and inlets employing the latest hydraulic and mechanical technology. When removing large quantities of sand, we can provide guidance on where best to re-use or dispose of the recovered material. When dredging to build or nourish a beach, we dutifully analyse the seafloor and wave climate to determine the best and safest “borrow sites”.


Many coastal structures require piles to ensure a stable foundation. Wave forces, currents, the tidal range, and wakes from boats are all key considerations in piling design. Smith Warner has designed and built marinas, docks, and even the foundations for hotel rooms that will extend out over the water. Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) piling is a driven pile system using high-strength ductile iron pipes that transfer the load from a footing or pile cap, or heavily loaded slabs, to a stiff soil or rock layer. This innovative technique is available through our joint venture partnership with CMS,  a leading piling company in the Eastern Caribbean.  This technique offers huge savings, quick installation and many more advantages.