Safe and Effective Access

Whether it’s a major port with deep channels, a marina to house luxury yachts, or a private oceanfront home, Smith Warner can design and construct the docks and jetties to help users safely access the waterways. We are ultra-conscious of the seafloor and marine environment and work with a wide variety of materials to suit your needs and the surroundings. We maintain a fleet of heavy equipment for effective and cost-efficient dredging, piling installation, and building armoured structures. When extra foundational stability is required, we can pour concrete with close attention to the marine conditions to which the material will be exposed to ensure its durability.

Calm and Steady

Smith Warner engineers and builds a wide range of fixed and floating docks and jetties throughout the Caribbean. We design and build onshore and inland marinas, docks for berthing boats or casting fishing lines, and jetties for channel access and for launching watersports. Our construction equipment is well-maintained to transport and install rock and rip-rap for armoured structures and piles for docks or jetties. Through our decades working in the region, we have established a strong and reliable supply chain that we mobilise quickly. Our ultimate goal is to keep your waterways calm and free of sediment accumulation so you can access the water for recreation or business.